Bio-inspired, Bio-mimetic and Bio-hybrid (Cyborg) Systems Workshop


Oct 1, 16:10 – 18:10 CEST at IEEE IROS

Oct 30, 7:30 – 11:30 CDT (UTC-05:00) at IEEE EMB

This workshop provides an opportunity to share and discuss with frontier researches on small-scale robotics and systems for developing the “Biohybrid Machine”. This innovative research field is important to create excellent machines for various academic and industrial applications. Micro-nanorobotics is a key technology on the manipulation, assembly and control in small scale. The “Biohybrid Machine” are able to promote more innovations on optimal designs, high energy efficient, low energy consumption, high integration, and self-repairing by small-scale robotics and systems.

Small-scale robotics and systems are widely developed based on integration techniques of each miniaturized devices. Recent progresses in technologies on small-scale robotics and systems is readily applied to make hybridization between mechanical and biological components. In nature, various creatures are consisted of small-scale components and their design are important to obtain their excellent capabilities in mobility, robustness, efficiency, recuperation, communication and so on. Basically, those organism are composed of small-scale systems in multi-scale naturally as shown in the following figure. “Biohybrid Machine” is recently investigated to combine by mimicking biological structures with biomaterials and artificial materials based on small-scale robotics and systems. The “Biohybrid Machine” makes innovations extremely to promote for obtaining excellent capabilities in machines as next-generation engineering.

Topics of interest

  • Biohybrid Machine
  • Micro-Nano Material Science
  • Micro-Nano Manipulation
  • Micro-Nano Automation
  • Micro-Nano Fabrication
  • Micro-Nano Assembly
  • Micro-Nano Biological Devices
  • Micro-Nano Medical Devices
  • Micro-Nano Control Technology
  • Micro-Nano Robotics
  • MEMS/NEMS Technology
  • Micro-Nano Fluidics Technology

Sponsored by

Technically co-sponsored by IEEE RAS Technical Committee for Cyborg and Bionic Systems

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